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Welcome to Ultimate Fire J

The UFJ Exchange! NET is thinking about your needs and that you are not enrolling yourself many times in something to get results! UFJ! offers the possibility that with the same account you can register in an exchange of 468×60 or 88×31, you choose which modality suits you best and you will always be up to date with the statistics of your account! where is this:

The system works in the following way, it has a ratio of 1: 1 for example if in your web you show the code obtained by the exchange, you will get a credit, this will serve you so that your banner is shown in other websites registered in the exchange! and you do not have to wait to be approved, since at the moment you add your advertising in the exchange you will be registered with your account! and you do not need thousands of visits to register, but the more you have, the better you will earn more credits! , your banner will never be shown to you eh, only other banners from the net of the exchange, the entry script gives you 5000 credits in 88×31 that you can move your credits between 468×60 and 88×31, and look at the examples of the exchange system!