7 DON’TS to Ponder in Seeking an Event’s Venue in Brisbane

Even an experienced event planner recognizes the fact that picking a venue Brisbane hospitality industry offers can make or break the success of an affair.  Getting the right place to hold the occasion is a challenging task because even the minutest detail should not be overlooked; it may be the root for a major setback, both for the host and the attendees.

Location research and negotiations will take a lot of time, in most cases. It is also hard to determine if you really arrive into a good and worthy deal. Below are the DON’Ts and the useful considerations if you want to choose the correct venue.

#1. Don’t forget to consider the capacity vis-à-vis the number of attendees

With the number of event participants in mind, do not forget to ask for the capacity of the venue. It must be cozy enough to gather the final figure of attendees for a sit-down or cocktail style dining. Ask the management if the area can also be divided into small spaces for some intimate gatherings.

#2. Don’t get a venue that caters another party on the same date as yours

There are venues that will also cater parties on the same schedule. The worst part is if both parties are in the same area with drapes and thin walls only as the separator then it would be a sure chaos. For bigger events, you must ensure that the spaces are all yours.

#3.  Don’t get the venue that has no sufficient parking options

Most likely, parking is the issue faced by event attendees. It is difficult to walk many blocks from a public parking to the occasion’s area. If the venue has no onsite parking, at least ask for possible parking options that are near the building. For example, street parking, or some nearby available spots designated as car parks.

#4. Don’t forget to check on amenities and facilities

Is there an equipment to play your favourite tunes from your iPod or external drive? And is the volume of the sounds regulated? Check if the venue has AV facilities, too, that have the complete sets of speakers and microphones.  If you want more, many venue Brisbane providers would allow outside suppliers if need be. read more

Things to be on Toes for in Choosing a Chicken Supplier

Often while running any business you will need suppliers. Suppliers are in the category of wholesalers. Getting into a contract or an agreement with a supplier is usually a long term decision, probably a year or two. For chicken sellers in Sydney, there is a high demand for chicken wholesale Sydney has today. This means that the demand for chicken in Sydney is high. You therefore need a supplier will give you the best deal ever. Most chicken wholesale Sydney has today provide you with the best deals. Though this is the case, some suppliers are out there to exploit you and this can lead to the collapse of your chicken business. Having the best strategy when choosing chicken wholesale Sydney has to offer should be a must. The best strategy will see you get into an agreement with the best supplier. So how do you ensure that you get into an agreement with the best supplier? How do you settle on a supplier who has the best deal for your chicken business?

Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a supplier.

A partnership approach

You should go for a chicken supplier who is ready to provide you with a strong relationship. He or she should be ready to form a partnership kind of relationship. For chicken wholesale in Sydney, both the supplier and the buyer should look forward for mutual benefit. This way you are guaranteed of receiving the best service possible. You can create this kind of relationship by showing your supplier how important they are in the business, when you are coming into an agreement.

Financial security

A good supplier should have a very strong financial stability so that he or she will never come into a position of failing you. You should look for a supplier who has a strong cash flow so that you can get what you really want. Most of the Sydney chicken wholesale suppliers guarantee their customers of a strong financial position by showing their previous supplies records. If a supplier is ready and able to stock your business with chickens for 2 or 3 times, then he or she is having a financial security over your business. read more

Original Art From Committed Artists

A definition of what constitutes good art may at first appear to be pretty difficult. Over the years many new schools and styles have emerged. Through the 19th century, there was Impressionism, and the Pre Raphaelites, followed by Cubism, Art Nouveau and much else at the start of the 20th Century. Then Surrealism, and Dada came along. The focus then shifted from Europe to the States. This led to Action Paintings in the 1950’s, Pop Art in the 1960’s and 70’s. Developments in photography are also in the mix. Key artists include: Monet, Manet, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Klee, Kandinsky Chagall, Marcel Duchamp the father of conceptualism, along with Jackson Pollock, Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. The list can go on and on. Now there is also the influence of graffiti art with people like Banksy. Artists, like David Hockney, still produce very fine figurative work. The modern artists that work now carry forward many of these schools and styles but they also innovate. As a general rule, good art will last. If anyone wants to buy original art online, it is important to find websites that do appreciate good art and can showcase interesting and innovative present day artists.

Art work on offer

Therefore you can buy original art online. To pick out a few representative examples:

Poinsettia with Mexican Lady by M F Cardamone:

This is a mixed media piece. At first you think it is a reproduction of a classic botanical illustration, common in the 18C and 19C. However, look a little closer and there is a small lady holding the leaf. Very well executed, but with a subtle humor. Yes, references to Dada and Surrealism but also a touch of the Monty Python about this too.

It’s About Time by Liette Marcil: As she explains, she takes her inspiration largely from Aboriginal Australian Art with their distinctive elongated figures and their spirit world they call Mimih. Maybe also there is a strain of the work of Jean Dubuffet. He often used and developed strong repeating motifs across his work. These too were “abstracted” from original figurative sources. She uses very gentle, subtly contrasting colors in this work. read more